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22 Mini-Sites



Below are sample images of the 22 Mini-Site designs.  All 22 Mini-Site Sets include both the header and footer graphics:

11 Niche Site Graphics:

11 Color Site Graphics:

The 11 "color" sets shown below were purposely designed without images.  You can either place your own images on them or you can add just text lines on top of the headers and footers.  By just adding your own text you can create nice looking, simple, clutter-free generic websites, usable for any niche.  The sets are image free, yet textured and stylish enough to provide interest on their own merit.

NOTE: The above images are textured but the textures are
not able to be seen in the resized samples.

You may also alter the colors of the sets above
(except the black and white ones) in Photoshop ~ just by going to "Image" from the file menu within Photoshop - then to "adjustments" then to "hue/saturation."  Just move the level bars shown there until you get the color you are looking for. 

Here is an example of the color being changed on just the orange header pictured in the set above - using the "hue/saturation" method:

Also, Included Are 40 Textured Background Images!

To complete your mini-sites, I've included 40 classy background images that can be used with any of the mini-site sets listed above, OR you can use them for any of your other websites too.  These are small .png files that you can upload in a split second to your website, then set as the webpage background image just like you would with any other background image. Here is what they look like:

So Let's recap what's included in this graphic package

  • 11 Niche Mini-Site sets, header footer combos - with blank .jpgs and .psd files

  • 11 Color Mini-Site sets, header footer combos - colors can be altered in Photoshop - .jpg files only

  • 40 Super Background images to complete the sets shown above, or for use on any other websites

  • Customize the sets for your own websites or customer websites


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