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Create Your Own Dynamic WebSites!



Dynamic WebSites!

You'll learn how to...

Create Dynamic AdSense Niche Sites
Just upload your keywords and instantly turn them into thousands of targeted pages full of targeted AdSense ads.

Create Your Own Dynamic  "Cool Little Websites"
Crank out thousands of pages with targeted AdSense ads, Ebay Auction Listings and Amazon Ads dynamically from your keywords.

Create Dynamic Custom Landing Pages
Easily create targeted landing pages for AdWords Campaigns and customized Sales Letters.

35 Pages of in PDF format.

Table of Contents:

How It Works
~ The Code Explained
~ php $value
~ echo value
~ php keywords
Basic AdSense Sites
~ Creating Your Index Page
~ Creating Your Dynamic Template
~ Setting Up .htaccess
~ Step by Step Simplified
Cool Little Websites
~ Getting Started
~ Code For Relevant Ebay Listings
~ Code For Amazon Ads
~ Add A Dynamic Search Box
Custom Landing Pages
-- Custom Adwords Landing Pages
-- Customized Sales Letters
Final Word

I'll build on the tools in my "EZ PHP Template Guide" and take you STEP BY STEP through the dynamic creation process showing you how to generate the types of sites mentioned above.  Use these
little known techniques to make your pages work harder.  Additionally, I also make sure that you understand how and why it works and offer suggestions to help you use what you will learn in all of your future website building.

I'll also include...

The Original "EZ PHP Template Guide"

One thing I've learned in the many years I've been a webmaster is to ALWAYS be on the look out for ways to MAKE MY JOB EASIER. Work smarter NOT harder is a cliché for a good reason! Because it's absolutely TRUE!

Manage Your Website NOT The Other Way Around!

Now you can learn how to design your websites using a template system that will allow you make changes across your entire site by changing just one file. This is a HUGE time saver!


Here's What I Cover

Lesson 1 - Header, Menu, Footer Template
- Lesson 1 Practice

Advanced Template Creation
- Setting Up Categories
- Advanced Practice
- Advanced Notes

Banner Rotation
- Basic Rotation
- Banner Categories
- Banner Practice

Keeping Your Site Fresh
- Motivational Quotes
- Random Images
- Random Blurbs

Manage Your Linking Codes
- Simple Method
- Split Testing Method

Managing Pay Per Click Codes

This is the original easy to use and setup advanced website page generation manual that "Create Dynamic WebSites" builds upon.  You'll gain a deeper understanding of how to easily make your websites work for you.

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