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Because Sometimes Life Doesn't Need To Be Complicated

"Finally An Instant Niche Keyword Research Tool!"

In The Amount Of Time It Has Taken You To Read This Far Down The Page You Could Have Started To Search Out Highly Profitable Niche Markets . . .

Dear Friend,

If you would like a quick, ultra simple and low cost way of finding hot profitable niches without the hassle then you'll love this . . .

Finally, Keyword Niche Research Made Simple

Here's why you need to do 'research' . . . When you're considering buying a new product to sell (resell rights, private label rights or even adsense templates) you shouldn't make the decision to buy based on how good the seller's sales pitch is.

Too many people do just that and end up with products that they can't sell.

The golden rule of Internet Marketing is Find a hungry market before you create or buy products to sell.  If you get that screwed the wrong way round, you'll be left with products that nobody wants to buy and you'll waste time and money trying to sell them.  Always - Find a hungry crowd first then feed them

So how do you find a hungry crowd?

One highly effective way is keyword research.  Doing your 'Keyword Research' allows you to spot good potential markets quickly and easily.  It's the fast track to identifying all those potential 'profit' pots in the marketplace you can fill.

However, until now most of the tools available have been complicated to use, expensive to buy or a nightmare to install.  Notice the until now bit :)

This Is The Reason Why This Page Exists . . .

Just two nights ago I was discussing the topic of keyword research with a business associate in my local pub . . . He was gleefully explaining how he'd just bought some new fangled software for $200 that worked a treat on keyword research.  However it was 'so good'  and had 'so many' features he didn't know 'yet' how it worked properly.  (It came with a 20+ page PDF manual on how to use it!)

When I pulled out my mobile phone, connected to the net and typed in a URL and showed him right there and then my own 'research system' he almost fell out of his chair.

The screenshot below shows how easy this is to use (and my lack of skills with image editing software LOL)

Keyword Research On My Mobile Phone In The Pub!

'That must have taken you ages to set up, it's brilliant'

So when I told him it actually took all of about 10 seconds he was shocked - He then proceeded to badger me for an hour to let him have a copy of the script . . . LOL

. . . and that convinced me there was a huge demand for this simple tool, it does the same thing as many expensive (and frankly, highly complicated scripts) but it does it quicker and far easier. 

And the real beauty is ANYONE can use it.


I'm going to keep this short and sweet - I've added some screen captures below: (because my mobile phone picture above is pretty awful! )

The Above Screen Shot Of The Research Interface

And after you click on the 'Get Results' button these are the kind of results you get within a few seconds, You can see in the example below I had searched the key phrase 'tropical fish' . . .

Screenshot Of The Research Results Page

With Keyword Niche Explorer you can

  • Find Popular Search Terms From The Overture Database.

  • Use single keywords or key phrases.

  • See Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly And Yearly numbers of estimated Searches then compare the number of searches to the number of 'Results' found in Google for those exact keywords.

  • Check out the results on the screen or print out for your records.

 Okay - What Are You Waiting For?

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